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Catch Reports // Season Opener

Belter day out on the ocean today and conditions were much as expected. Water was not great this morning at 24 degrees and greenish. Worked deeper and North and temp slowly came up to 25 with better water colour. No birds or bait so nothing to work on. Hit the 700m area and had fish swipe the long left and miss - turned on the mark and the fish came up on the halfbeak on long right and hooked up.

First marlin for Mark our mechanic who slaved in the small space to get the motor up and running . Nice Dorado late in the day as well!
Water pushed in through the day and got up to 26 degrees by late afternoon. No blues or other life but with the weather of late thats not surprising and the water is only now getting back into the ledge. Weekend should show better results with better weather.
Glad to report our season open and hoping the bite will come on as the weather settles.

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